Bulk dry cargo transportation provides a high degree of time savings.

Bulk, that is, disassembled or bulky cargoes are among the most transported cargo types. Bulk cargoes are cargoes that do not require packaging, are liquid or can take the shape of the area they are in. Generally, basic products fall into the bulk category. Fertilizer, grain, animal feed, rubber, liquefied gas, all kinds of beverages and petroleum are included in this class. In addition, pulleys, bobbins and cast wood products, which are construction materials, are also included in this class. Unprocessed mineral products are also among the products that are given as an example for bulk cargo transportation.

The most important benefit of unpackaged/bulk cargo transportation is minimizing unit transportation costs by eliminating packaging costs. In addition, the loading, unloading and handling speed of bulk cargoes generally minimizes time and operational costs compared to packaged cargoes.

We have the necessary equipment and knowledge to safely transport all kinds of cargo, from paper and scrap metal to dangerous goods, food grade, rare and precious cargoes.